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What is the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)? 

WWF is a world renowned charity founded in 1961 with the goal of protecting the species and environments put at risk by human development. In the following years human development has grown exponentially, unfortunately causing an equal amount of environmental devastation along with it. The organization’s mission is to continue to protect nature, help it recover and teach people how to live more eco-friendly lives.  

WWF works in almost 100 countries putting nature first and fighting for change in the following areas:


In order to have a healthy economy and society, we must have a healthy ecosystem. With this idea  in mind, WWF reframes the economic and social value of nature to governments, businesses, and organisations. By highlighting the longer-term advantages protecting the environment has for people and the economy, WWF helps prevent the destruction of nature by these organisations for their short-term financial gains. By making sure politicians, corporations, and local communities understand the importance of conserving nature, they can be persuaded to take the responsibility of taking better care of the environment instead of destroying it.


Right now, the unsustainable way we produce and overconsume food is responsible for a big negative impact on the earth and its loss of biodiversity. WWF believe in making sure the food in our shopping baskets is affordable, healthy and environmentally sustainable, so our choices won’t cost the Earth. By teaching in thousands of schools as well as promoting their Livewell and Plant2Plate campaign, WWF aim to help reconnect people with where their food is coming from and educate them on how to make better food choices and grow and cook their own food in sustainable ways.


Climate change is the biggest threat the world has ever been faced with, and the climate and energy team at WWF UK is serious in their mission to drive change in UK policies and legislation to make sure the UK government is held accountable for its carbon emissions and promises to reduce them. By focusing on power, transport, and buildings, which makes up 84% of UK emissions, WWF advocate for countrywide changes that will positively impact the environment in a big way, and eventually create a zero-carbon future powered by renewable energy. They are encouraging the end of the use of coal in the UK; the end of the sale of petrol and diesel cars; the increased use of renewable energy and solar and wind projects; the increase in availability of electric cars and charging stations; making more heat efficient homes, and much more.


Part of the WWF mission is to shine a light on the people affected most by climate change. Those in coastal towns struggling to make a steady income due to overfishing, farmers’ livelihoods at risk as their crops fail due to soil erosion and water shortages, and indigenous people who are faced with their sacred and ancestral lands being damaged and destroyed. These communities desperately need help creating sustainable solutions and conservation projects in order to protect their wellbeing. WWF believes in the importance of protecting those who rely on nature in their mission to help save the earth.


Habitats and species

Much of the world’s habitats are in danger – rivers, coral reefs, rainforests, and savannahs are being damaged or even destroyed beyond repair. This has a catastrophic affect on the people and species who live there, as well as limiting the clean air, fresh food and water, and medicine these resource-rich natural environments provide.

By working with governments, businesses and communities, WWF is making sure there is a global commitment to end this destruction and the illegal wildlife trade, and ensure all future human developments are carefully planned in order to not cause environmental harm.


This organisation is passionate in creating a global and sustainable future by working alongside governments and businesses to reach their goal. This is why Virtue Gaming and Eco-aire are excited to support the WWF and their mission as Animal Lovers. 



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