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Virtue  Gaming as part of one of their eco-mission is fundraising for the WWF.  With the future launch of our mobile game "Eco-aire" where your gameplay will take steps to truly change the world.  We hope you join the ethical gaming revolution.  The future starts now, Do you have you what it takes to be the ultimate eco-heir?   

What is World Wildlife Fund (WWF)? 

WWF are a renowned charitable organisation determined to stop the destruction of nature and help it to recover. They're are focusing on some really big challenges that will help turn things around. The issues they looking to resolve include:

The degradation of many of the world’s precious natural resources

Making substanable food systems 

Tackling Climate change 

Tackling the illegal wildlife trade and ensuring the survival of endanagered speices. 

This outstanding organisation has a series of important and noble goals that we can all get behind. This is why Virtue Gaming and Eco-aire are proud to support the WWF and their ongoing mission to save the planet. 

Can we get to 1 million eco-tokens to support the WWF? 


 *1 eco-token=£1 (eco-tokens are a percentage of in-app purchases)