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What is Eco-aire

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What is Eco-aire?

Eco-aire is a wholesome and refreshing mobile game that tasks players to build an “Eco empire” through charitable work, completing Eco Projects and building Eco offices across the globe. We want Eco-aire to be an efficient means of spreading awareness of the numerous Global issues affecting our planet today. To be educational, fun, and genuinely dynamic as playing our game can help fund actual projects and people aiming to help save the world.


The main goal in Eco-aire is to build numerous Eco inspired offices in different countries to improve the quality of life for billions and save the world itself. Taking on the role of the Eco-aire, players will start with a small office in London, helping with local projects and spreading enough awareness to make a difference. Soon enough players will be able to build Eco offices across the globe and fund more projects to make a big difference. Funding projects will help clean the ocean, produce environmentally friendly products along with saving a number of endangered species and those in need.


The core of Eco-aire will be to build "Eco offices" across the globe and effectively manage them. Building offices will allow players to gather ethically sourced resources and invest in projects that will help save the world. Along with the office building, players will manage Eco-Teams who go out and help local communities along with taking part in projects themselves. These projects are awesome mini games that will test your reflexes, lateral skills, and quick thinking.  Everything in Eco-aire is inspired by real world events and developments, of new eco-friendly technology and the ever-growing determination to save the world. 

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