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Visuals and Presentation of Eco-aire

We at Virtue Gaming are extremly proud of what our artists have created. Eco-Aire is set to bring players a visual style that’s refreshing and meaningful, while working along side the themes of the game. We want Eco-aire's art style to focus on simplicity and be depicted as looking pure and organic compared to other mobile games on the market. As Eco-aire revolves around ethical concerns and raising awareness to green practices, we wanted to have a visual presentation that represented those values and themes. 

The Inspiration and Artstyle 

As you can see, Eco-aire is extremely bright, colourful and revolves around a world without lines. Eco-aire's imagery is based on what we envision the world could be, healthier, cleaner and showing it's natural beautiful in all it's glory. One of the key ideals was to remove outlines from everything, thus making Eco-aire feel more organic and to represent the real world. We also feel this encahcnes the colour and detail, making the world of Eco-aire feel more interesting and lifelike. 

Eco-aire Locations Collection

Capturing the World's Natural Beauty

We wanted to capture the beauty of the world and every location from Thailand, Australia, Japan, Africa and many others have been recreated with our organic and colourful artstyle. Everything from the offices, the environments and characters have all been created to look as organic as possible, in order to enhance our themes and values. We want Eco-aire to stand above the rest in terms of gameplay, visual style and values and the art style is a big part of that. While we do respect many other studios and their works, we found that many art styles and visuals in gaming have become a little stagnant and familiar. Tat's why we've pushed for Eco-aire to have the most interesting and visually pleasing artstyle possible, that works in conjunction with the themes of the game. 

Eco-aire Characters