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Gameplay in Eco-aire

Eco-aire will feature a number of different gameplay elements that combined, will create a thrilling and engaging “Eco journey” where players will build their very own Eco Empire. Along the journey, players will discover what type of Eco-aire they are, be managing offices across the globe and gather resources to invest in a number of Eco-Projects, unlocking new green technologies. 

What type of Eco-aire are you?

Players will be able to create their own Eco-aire and after pick a class that best represents what they’re most passionate to helping. Players can choose between:

Child of the Earth: You are with one with mother Earth and care for all life and the planet we live on.  

Eco-Warrior: You are hard-core and fearless, but respectable and understanding. Yet nothing will stop you from helping and getting your message across. 

Ocean Protector: You have always loved the ocean and want to do everything to clean it up and protect it.

Animal Lover: You care for all furry (and non-furry) friends. Those who are at home and those out in the wild and nearly extinct. Save the animals!

Picking a class plays into the representing a player’s charitable passion.

Building an Eco Empire 

The heart of Eco-aire and the player’s journey to saving the world will be with the offices. These bases of operations will be built by the player and act as a means of gathering resources and setting up various projects to complete. Eco-aire Building Offices

Research and development

One of the key features in Eco-aire is developing new technology to battle the various concerns across the globe. In your bases of operation, you will set up research and development rooms that will discover and create new tools and tech that will combat a certain problem.

Complete missions that will help save the world

Eco-aire is about working together to resolve the world’s greatest problems. But everything has small beginnings and to tackle the major concerns, we first must take on the smaller ones. Players will recruit, train and deploy Eco-Teams that will venture out into the world and help out with a vast number of projects known as “Eco Missions”. These missions will reward players with resources that they can use to build bigger, better offices and invest in other eco technologies that will open up new regions of the world.

Engage with mini eco-adventures

Players will be able to partake in smaller adventures through a number of mini-games that represent one of the Eco Missions. These “mini-games” will include successfully sorting out a vast amount of recycled goods, Saving green turtles in the ocean, Removing mines, toxic materials and other pollution from the sea, saving endangered animals and much more.

These games are designed to be fun, test the player’s exercise either skill, flexes and lateral components and appeal to gamers with colourful, detailed and organic looking imagery. The idea is in the grander scheme of Eco-aire is to allow anyone to play these mini-games once they’re unlocked. Older gamers can unlock and play them, while granting the chance to show their younger children and get them interested in eco matters. Eco-aire Mini Games

Keeping the world Alive

While we want Eco-aire to be a game about raising awareness and doing good, we understand games need an element of conflict. As many are fighting for the survival of our planet, we thought Eco-aire could carry across this message via the Earth’s Health meter. 

While it’s a little corny to use the phrase “be like a super hero” to descript what people can do to save the world. But we believe that people can be good and come together to literally save the world and see the importance of keeping it healthy for future generations.

Your Ethical Ranking

The Ethical ranking is the player’s level of experience. With each office built, Eco mission and other activities completed, comes XP (experience points) which will go towards your Ethical Ranking. 

By improving your Ethical Ranking will you unlock new regions, new gadgets, upgrades, rooms and earn rewards by leveling up. The Ethical Ranking is a visual representation for a player’s progression and gathers their experience through the campaign.

*imagery subject to changes and alterations in final product*