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Support your countries eco-concerns

Eco-aire Tree of countries

                                                                                                                                                       We aim to think local and go global

Virtue Gaming are proud to be helping the world through gaming, but we know that community matters and helping local causes is incredibly important. By playing Eco-aire and keeping busy with green activities, you will be supporting individuals and groups looking to make a difference in your community. Our goal is to create a better world for everyone and playing Eco-aire can help fund real-world changes.

We will showcase these projects via our social media channels and on our website to help spread awareness to all our Eco-Aires. When you play Eco-Aire your also becoming part of the biggest green community, helping to save the environment and support those looking to make a change for the best. 

Virtue Gaming intends to gather donations through gameplay across the globe and put everything towards amazing causes. We will be doing this through our Eco Token system. More details coming soon!

1 eco-token =£1 (tokens are given to the players home country until we reach the desired goal in 12 months.  If there is surplus, then the player can choose which country they will donate the tokens to, so we can try and achieve balance) 

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