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Love Without Boundaries

Love Without Boundaries

What is Love Without Boundaries?

Love Without Boundaries is a caring and authentic non-profit organisation with the core belief Every Child Counts. Their mission is to transform the lives of vulnerable and orphaned children across the globe who face immense challenges living in underserved communities.

Because the best solutions to these children’s issues are ones created within their own community, LWB always works closely with the local residents to bring change to children’s lives, and every program they run is led by someone who grew up in the country.

These programs are currently based in Cambodia, China, India, and Uganda, and focus making change in the following areas:


Believe in Me schools brings education to the children unable to attend public schools due to living in extreme poverty or being born with medical needs. Over 1000 teens from orphanages and rural villages have also been supported in attending secondary schools and university and achieving their goals of further education. Meanwhile ambitious initiatives like the Laji Landfill Student Support has completely transformed the lives of children who formerly spent their days scavenging in a dangerous Cambodian landfill to find recyclables to sell. Now the children are picked up and transported to safe schools, where they are provided with an education as well as hot school lunches and access to medical care.

Foster Care

LWB believes every child deserves a loving family of their own. Their dedicated staff work to make this a reality, working at their well-run foster care programs for orphaned and abandoned children as well as working alongside institutions to help children in transition into the care of supporting families.

Healing Homes

This program provides the best individualised support to vulnerable children in need of specialist medical care, including providing physical therapy and rehabilitation; close care and treatment of extremely medically fragile infants in need of surgery; and helping children with HIV in their full-time care program, to give them the special medical, nutritional, emotional and educational support they need.


Life-saving medical treatments are funded every year by LWB, making huge differences in the lives of the children who would have otherwise been forced to attempt survival without them. The Unity Initiative provides vital surgeries for children from families unable to afford desperately needed medical care, and prevent future abandonment of children with medical needs. Medical exchange trips are also held between doctors and surgeons within the United States and the countries where LWB are based, helping hundreds of children receive the surgeries they need.


Crucial nutritional support is provided for babies and toddlers surviving in challenging environments such as slums and landfills. Additionally baby and specialty formula is provided for infants in their Healing Homes, and hot meals for children in LWB schools. Relief is also provided to families struggling with food insecurity in the face of the global pandemic.

Child Trafficking Aid

Safe Haven Foster Care brings hope and healing to the lives of children who have faced severe abuse, exploitation and human trafficking. They receive specialised foster care, provided with therapy, proper nutrition, and education – lifesaving services for these children who may never have received this level of care or kindness before in their entire lives.


These life-changing programs are why Virtue Gaming and Eco-aire are proud to support Love Without Boundaries in being passionate Eco-Warriors and their important mission to save the lives of vulnerable children.


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