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Love Without Boundaries

Love Without Boundaries

Virtue gaming as part of one of their eco-mission is fundraising for Love without Boundaries.  With the future launch of our mobile game "Eco-aire" where your gameplay will take steps to truly change the world.  We hope you join the ethical gaming revolution.  The future starts now, Do you have you what it takes to be the ultimate eco-aire?   

What is Love Without Boundaries? 

Love Without Boundaries is an authentic international charity that provides hope and healing to orphaned and vulnerable children, and their underserved communities, through its education, nutrition, medical, and foster care programs.

They operate ongoing programs in Cambodia, China, India, and Uganda in the following areas:

Foster Care
Healing Homes
Child Trafficking Aid

This is why Virtue Gaming and Eco-aire are proud to support Love Without Boundaries with their important mission to save vulnerable children. 

Can we get to 1 million eco-tokens to support Love Without Boundaries? 



  *1 eco-token=£1 (eco-tokens are a percentage of in-app purchases)