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How Virtue Gaming Handles Donations in Eco-aire

Virtue Gaming is proud to bring a new approach to gaming and monetisation. Where a large percentage of the money we receive from user purchases, will be shared across numerous charities around the world, in order to make the world a better place. 

We want to be as transparent as possible with everyone on what we will give. 

The donation amount is determined by the Ethical Rank of the user. So the higher the ranking, the more from your purchases will be donated to charity. Which follows as thus - 

Purchases made by users at Ranks 1 to 10 will be 20%

Purchases made by users at Ranks 11 to 29 will be 30%

Purchases made by users at Ranks 30 to 49 will be 40%

Purchases made by users at Rank 50 will be 50% 

All donations will be made from purchases after fees from service providers such as Google and Apple have been collected. Virtue Gaming will possibly change the structure and percentages in the future as we grow. Donations are gathered and sent out Month by month by Virtue Gaming. At the end of each month, we aim to send out donations within two weeks, to ensure we have made the right calculations for donations and where they're going to help. So for example, purchases/donations in the month of May will be gathered, calculated, and sent out by mid-June at the very latest. We will inform our users through social media channels and the Virtue Gaming website, how much was gathered and who received the donations for that month. 

How we work out where donations go is through the Eco Class system. As you play Eco-aire, you will be given a choice of class between Animal Lover, Ocean Protector, Child of the Earth, and Eco-Warrior. Each class will represent a group of charities that donations will go to. For Animal Lovers, all donations go to charities that support animal welfare such as the WWF. Ocean Protector, all donations go to charities and causes helping to clean and protect the ocean, such as The Ocean Project. Child of the Earth donations will go to charities looking to protect and save vulnerable children from warfare and poverty such as Love Without Boundaries. And Eco-Warrior donations will go to charities and projects that will help save our natural resources and protect massive woodland areas, such as Cool Earth. 

As a small developer, purchases are a means of support for the team and developing Eco-aire as an immense mobile gaming experience with updates and new content. We aim to ensure all donations are worked out correctly and given on a monthly basis. We will update all our users through all possible channels on how much was raised. If you request to know how much of your purchase was donated to charity, please email and we'll get back to you within 48 hours with an answer. Virtue Gaming aims for Eco-aire to be a social experience where it's not about the single donation, but the collection of users working, playing and giving together to make the world a better place. 

Your purchases will be supporting a vast number of charities and us as a small independent studio and publisher.