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Cool Earth

Cool Earth

What is Cool Earth?

Cool Earth is an non-profit organisation joining the fight against climate change by working to halt the deforestation of the rainforest with those who know best – the indigenous people and local communities who live there.

Rainforests cool the earth, and as nature’s super-efficient way of capturing the carbon in the atmosphere they are crucial to regulating the climate and reversing the damage effects of CO2 emissions. The value of our rainforests cannot be overstated, and helping local communities to protect them is the smartest and most constructive climate action available. No matter where we live in the world, we rely on the rainforest for its amazing processes that provide us the pure air we breathe.

Cool Earth is works in a range of rainforest locations including Cambodia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, and Papua New Guinea, using these radical solutions to make big change:

Cash giving

By giving cash to people living in the rainforest, no strings attached, many things happen for them  simultaneously. Much needed funding is provided to preserve and regulate the rainforest, free from any pressure and corporate interference. Trust and control is put in their hands. This freedom allows them adaptability in the face of climate change unpredictability, and for them to finance their projects however they decide is best. This cash has limitless possibilities, which has so far resulted in a range of conservation projects from solar energy farms, to beekeeping, to sustainable farming initiatives, and more…

People Powered Projects

Deforestation is driven by financial gain and by tackling poverty, deforestation can be tackled too. By providing a sustainable income through these projects, the communities are no longer faced with the only option to sell their rainforest to loggers in order to survive. Food security, education, and infrastructure is also created through these projects, economically empowering the communities and helping the people who live there keep the rainforest standing.

Forest Monitoring

The purpose of this work is to gather real-time data on climate change and deforestation, and make it accessible to the rainforest communities who need it and yet are often locked out of this kind of knowledge. This provides more control and possibilities for action to the local people, enabling them to protect their land and halt deforestation faster with the range of tools, tech, satellite data, GPS markers and staff scouting Cool Earth provides.

Climate Adaption

Climate adaption projects aim to reduce the strain put on rainforest communities who are being disproportionately affected by the climate change crisis. Sustainable farms and wildfire prevention are a few of the projects pioneered by Cool Earth to help local and indigenous people adapt to the present so that they may fight for their future. 


Virtue Gaming and Eco-aire are proud to support such a noble and wonderful cause that champions indigenous people as the protectors of nature and Children of the Earth they have historically been, and who the planet needs most right now. 

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