Deforestation is becoming a BIG problem and we need to talk about it. According to the World Wildlife Fund, the Earth loses 18.7 million acres of forests each year. That’s over 50,000 acres in a single day! Trees are being cut down to make way for agriculture, logging, livestock grazing and the expansion of infrastructure. It is saddening enough alone to think of these beautiful patches of nature being torn down without even considering the drastic consequences and environmental issues caused.

By cutting down forests we are destroying the habitats of millions of animals and even putting some species at risk of extinction. Many animals in the Amazon rainforest are now considered endangered including:

• Bengal Tiger
• Manatee
• Gorilla
• Toucan
• Leopard
• Jaguar

It is not just animals that we are putting in danger. The current rate of deforestation is causing an enormous threat to our entire planet and is intrinsically linked to global warming. When trees are cut down and burnt, they release Carbon Dioxide, which contributes to the greenhouse effect.

So what can you do to help? 

Here are easy choices that you can make as you go about your daily life to slow down deforestation and help to save thousands of species and the planet which we share:

• Go paperless – This one is simple. Paper comes from trees. The less paper we use, the fewer trees need to be cut down. You can easily implement this into your lifestyle by having receipts and bills mailed to you electronically rather than having a physical paper copy.

• Recycle – By recycling boxes and packaging you can reduce the need for more raw materials.

• Make sure food ingredients are ethically sourced –Unethical palm oil production is the cause of almost 40% of deforestation. It is the main driver of deforestation in Borneo and has led to the loss of 6,000 orangutans a year.

• Change your diet – An enormous number of trees are cut down each year to make way for cattle grazing so try to swap meat for a vegetarian option a few times a week.

• Plant a tree – Give back to the planet and help new life to grow. Your tree will take in Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere thus reducing the amount of greenhouse gas!