In an age where technology appears to be more important than ever, we seem to be bombarded with messages about how we should spend less time on our phones. We are made to believe that our phones are a distraction, but who’s to say that this is entirely negative? There are, in fact, a wealth of benefits from gaming that can be enjoyed. Here, we discuss three useful ways to spend time on your phone.

1. Educational gaming

There are a variety of educational gaming apps that can boost your brainpower and encourage you to try something new. Whether you use an app to learn a new language or broaden your horizons to educate yourself about environmental issues, there are a variety of games to spark your interest. These virtual games, such as Eco-aire, can help you to make a difference in the physical world. 

2. Social gaming

All games that involve another player inevitably have a social aspect. Whilst you will be familiar with messages encouraging us to socialise with the people in physical proximity, there are actually many benefits to be had from establishing virtual connections. 

Establishing a social community can help you to feel like a valued member of society, so the mobile gaming environment can consequently improve your mental health.

Research has identified how people with autism, who typically struggle to communicate, benefit from enjoying gaming victory with other players [].

3. Test your memory

Spending time playing mobile games is an excellent way to improve your memory capacity. Many games rely on memorising a sequence of events in order to succeed, making your brain active, regardless of your age. This can also improve your concentration in other areas of your life; a source of motivation to help you to stay on task.

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For gamers who are passionate about addressing pressing environmental issues, Eco-aire is the game for you. Feel like you’re making a difference to the world by constructing eco offices and funding worthwhile projects. This game was developed as a result of our environmentally conscious ethos, as we strive to use gaming to highlight the most important issues.