People all over the world are rising up to global issues like poverty, climate change and inequality. Games that address these issues have been around for a number of years. Here, we take a look at three games that you may not have heard of but might just get you thinking.

Real Lives (2001)

When you start playing Real Lives, you're assigned a randomly generated baby from anywhere in the world. Your task is to make the everyday choices to raise that baby into a happy, healthy adult. You'll face real issues like poverty and hunger, disease and a lack of job prospects, all based on real statistics. Play multiple times and you'll quickly learn that growing up in some locations is significantly easier than growing up in other parts of the world.

SPENT (2011)

Launched in 2011 - and available online today [] - SPENT is a game designed for the Urban Ministries of Durham, who help and support those struggling with homelessness. The game asks if you can survive without help, and starts you off with just $1000. Your first choice is which job you'll apply for, to earn a regular income. From there, you're making decisions that see you choosing to spend your hard-earned cash on a place to live, healthcare and basic essentials. Will you take your child's birthday money to cover the bills? Will you leave them home alone when they're sick because you can't afford to skip a day of work? Can you make it through the month?

Banished (2014)

Banished is a city-building strategy game with a difference. There are no bad guys to fight, no lands to conquer. Instead, you play as a small group of travellers starting from nothing. Here, your enemies are the bitterly cold winters, illnesses and poor harvests. It'll make you think about just how reliant some people are on the land around them, and the little shelter their homes can provide.

Each of these titles proves that games can be thought-provoking when done right, and are all worth playing today. Check out to learn more about our current development project too.