Summer holidays are just around the corner, meaning it’s time to kick back and relax. With these handy tips, you can make sure you make the best of your vacation at no cost to the environment.

Have a stay-cation 

Make your summer a holiday from home by holding your very own stay-cation. Avoid energy-intensive flights which depend on fossil fuels and car pollution, both of which contribute to global warming. Instead, set up a campsite from your garden, start storytelling around a campfire and enjoy a carefree week off. Fun and frugal, you can enjoy family picnics and movie nights to help get you out of a day-to-day routine. You could always go one step further and donate the money you would have spent on flights to an eco-conscious charity.

Take up gardening 

Get back in touch with nature, starting from your back garden. Deforestation and climate change have impacted the environment in detrimental ways, so five a little back by replenishing the earth’s natural resources. Make sure you choose native, biodiverse species that will help attract the local wildlife and plant useful produce like vegetables to help you go zero waste and eat organically. Recycle old household items to help structure your gardens like bricks or patio slate, or buy old containers second hand.

Look at your sunscreen’s ingredients

We’ve all heard of ocean cleanups, where volunteers pick-up litter on the beaches, but be wary of what pollutants you’re taking into the sea with you. Sunscreen lotions often contain compounds which are highly toxic to marine life. Check the ingredients for oxybenzone, or Benzophenone-2, both of which can affect green algae, coral, and fish among others. You can find eco-friendly alternative products by searching for ‘mineral sunscreens’.

Did you know you can also help the environment by gaming? Here at Virtue Gaming, we hope to change the world by focusing on resolving ethical and eco concerns across the globe. From cleaning the ocean to deforestation, we create engaging and fun games that help educate people using the current issues our world faces. For more information, contact our team today.

Image by OnzeCreativitijd via Pixabay