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What can you do to help the bees?

The bee plays a critical role in our ecosystem, however, for the last decade or so, bee populations have been declining at an alarming rate. This is due to a number of reasons, such as pesticide use, climate change, pollution and more. Without bees, not only will we not have access to honey, a natural sweetener and antibiotic, but plants won't be pollinated, resulting in fewer flowers and possible food shortages. There are a number of small lifestyle changes that you can make to help support our ecosystem and its bee populations.

Are eco games really fun?

Are eco games really fun?

In today’s society, there has been an increase of concern surrounding two things, the effect of video games on young minds and environmental issues such as global warming. So why not tackle two birds with one stone and create a mobile game that anyone can play – not just kids – that teaches us about the eco issues present today, and how to act on them. That’s what our team at Virtue Gaming asked themselves, and is what has led to the creation of the Eco-aire, BEYOND BLUE, and other indie eco games.

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