While a love of gaming has always come with a need to use energy, today’s green-minded gamers are making a move to use more environmentally friendly methods. In the following sections, we’ll look at some simple steps you can take for a greener approach to the way you game.

Always buy digital

From laminated inlays to plastic boxes and wrapping, games sold in physical stores possess a considerable carbon footprint. Whenever possible, purchase digital copies of the games you play to lessen the impact on the environment.

Switch your devices off correctly

Whatever device you use for gaming, always make sure when you’re not playing that all equipment is switched off. While standby, sleep, and low-power modes can all cut down energy use, nothing is greener than shutting down your machines entirely.

Recycle packaging and parts

From the cardboard boxes they come in, to their protective packing, a game’s packaging should always be recycled properly. Additionally, many recycling centers will also accept unwanted game consoles and PC parts no longer required.

Urgent upgrades only

Those who enjoy gaming can easily be caught in the trap of trying to keep up with the latest technology. This can mean replacing equipment that is still operational before its time. By keeping the same devices for longer, you can contribute to more sustainable gaming that is mindful of the environment.

Avoid unnecessary extras

From console holders to gaming chairs, there are plenty of optional extras for those looking to amp up their gameplay. Before buying additional game gear, ask yourself if it brings something extra to your experience and if you really require it. Most manufactured products made in factories will have a significant effect on the planet, from the industrial process required to create them to the synthetic materials used to package them, so give these questions careful consideration.

Go mobile

Finally, instead of using energy-draining consoles with unnecessary extras that aren’t easily recyclable, why not play games on your mobile device? As well as lower power usage and entirely digital downloads, mobile gaming benefits for players are multiple. Easily accessible, games are ready to play whenever and wherever you want and tend to cost far less than their console counterparts.

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Image by geralt via Pixabay