The life of all animal and plant species form an important part of the ecosystem and food chain that we rely on as human beings. Therefore, saving the endangered species is not only for their good but also for our wellbeing and survival. Here are some of the simple measures you can use to save endangered species:

Create awareness

You can start by educating your family members and friends about the endangered species. It includes learning and teaching about the importance of such species and how our daily habits affect them. Information about the indispensable services derived from the natural world is the first step towards protecting endangered species.

Recycle and use sustainable products

You can encourage the use of products such as recycled papers to save endangered rainforest trees or sustainable ones like bamboo. Recycling a simple gadget like a smartphone will go a long way into saving gorillas since a key mineral used in electronics is mined from their habitat. 

Make your surrounding wildlife-friendly

Growing native plants, reducing water usage, proper garbage collection, and disinfecting your birdbath are some of the simple practices that can make a wildlife-friendly home. Such environments are critical in reducing threats to endangered species and biodiversity.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Threats to endangered species mainly arise from conflicts with humans over habitat and resources. This problem can partly be solved by reducing our carbon footprint through the adoption of a more sustainable lifestyle. You can reduce your carbon footprint in ways such as turning off lights, using public transport, and using sustainable and biodegradable products.

Avoid the use of pesticides and herbicides

Pesticides and herbicides contain harmful chemicals that build up within the ecosystem and are eventually disseminated into the food chain. Most animals are vulnerable to these chemicals. You can seek <a href=””>alternatives to pesticides</a> and herbicides to protect endangered species from extinction.

Volunteer to wildlife conservation efforts

You can always dedicate some of your time to the protection of endangered species. You can be involved in the protection of wildlife by visiting your local nature centre and animal parks. Appreciating biodiversity and learning about various species will promote efforts to save the endangered ones.