2020 has already been a difficult year and has caused mental health to suffer for many people. However, there has been an increased dependence on technology and gaming to pass the time. Mobile gaming is often free to play and having entertainment, a way to socialise and a way to learn all in the palm of your hand has been essential to helping combat mental health issues.

Socialising with Friends and Family

The first way mobile games have helped improve mental health is by combating the lack of social interaction lockdown brought on for many people. With many families and friendship groups living far away from each other, it has been essential to find new and exciting things to do with technology to socialise. Connecting with others helps mental wellbeing as it can improve self-worth, create a sense of belonging and provide emotional support in tough times.

Social gaming has allowed people to create shared experiences without having to be face to face. Whether you are playing competitively or co-operatively, a multiplayer experience can hep emulate real-life experiences with friends and family. This will help build and maintain relationships, which in turn helps feelings of belonging that affects mental health.

Learning New Things

Lockdown life has caused many to be furloughed or lose sight of what they want in life, however making steps to learn new things can counteract this. Educational gaming is perfect for learning the basics as well as intermediary information across a wide range of subjects. Whether the learning is for your personal self or for a more focused career move – it can help you pass the time. Learning new things has been shown to improve mental wellbeing by raising self-esteem and creating a sense of purpose.

Calming or Distracting Games

Some games are perfect for those suffering from mental health issues because they can help calm and distract people from what is bothering them. There are mobile games that have been created for the sole purpose of helping calm the player, but many other games in the app store can help not just calm the player but be used as a form of escapism. For example, puzzle games help focus the mind on just the game and can help those who are struggling to put their mind at rest.

Image by Pexels via Pixabay