For many, gaming is an escape – a way to get away from the stresses of life and immerse yourself in a virtual world for a few hours a day. But with the rising cost and new specifications on gaming, from both PC and console markets, gaming can feel less accessible than ever to many. That’s where mobile gaming comes in. With the increasingly sophisticated technology, mobile gaming can provide a spark of that PC experience, offering a window into the world of gaming for far less.

Why mobile and PC gaming work so well together

From Minecraft to Stardew Valley, Fortnite to League of Legends TFT, mobile has slowly become a viable alternative to PC for those that don’t have the budget or time to complete a full setup. Whereas mobile games in the past were considered lesser to their high-powered alternative, modern mobile titles are anything but basic. As iOS gaming and Android gaming has become more sophisticated, it’s even possible to play online cross-platform with PC gamers, further adding to the experience.

Gaming accessibility for everyone

One of the biggest problems with PC gaming is its inaccessibility. While specific, high-spec games are still relegated to PC users, this is no longer the case for many titles. With so many benefits to gaming, it only seems right that it becomes a more accessible medium for millions of people – which is precisely what mobile games can provide. Anything from social gaming to educational gaming to ethical and charitable gaming is available right at your fingertips, without the need to invest in expensive equipment and complicated setups.

Making gaming affordable

Beyond the advancements in technology and the evolution of mobile gaming as a genre, one thing that mobile gaming does better than PC is affordability. By making specific PC titles accessible on your smartphone, often for a lower price, you can save cash and be able to buy the things you want, when you want them. A computer alone can run into the thousands, and when you add on the cost of games, the price is too much for many gamers. If you love gaming, but can’t afford the investment for PC, then mobile gaming is the ideal medium for you.

Is mobile the future of casual gaming as well as PC-focused gameplay? While it may not be there yet in terms of specs for high-impact games, there’s undoubtedly more crossover than ever before. For gamers that want that PC experience, mobile is closer than ever before.

Image by FirmBee via Pixabay