The video games of today are increasingly being played on mobile devices. Handheld gaming eliminates the need for big, clunky and expensive consoles. Players are given convenience and portability not seen in older forms of gaming. Because of this, it is no wonder that mobile games are becoming ever more popular. There are several health benefits of gaming, especially for those with mental issues.

Anxiety is one of the most common forms of mental health disorder. It affects a large number of people each year. Increased anxiety can eventually lead to panic attacks and depression. This creates a vicious cycle of suffering that is hard for people to get out of. One of the few positive things about anxiety is that it is not physically dangerous.

Symptoms and solutions

Sufferers may feel that they are in physical danger, however. It is not unusual for those with generalised anxiety disorder to feel a powerful sense of dread, a feeling that they are about to die. When this happens it is understandably extremely distressing. Panic attacks do not last for very long. Despite this, they are very intense and frightening.

Mobile gaming can be used as a tool to help those with mental illnesses. Games can distract the mind and focus it on a task such as solving a puzzle. Sometimes this distraction is enough to prevent a panic attack from happening. This is an effective and accessible solution to keeping these symptoms under control. 

Other benefits

Games also have a calming effect on the mood of those who play them. They can be used to lower stress levels and give a general feeling of well being. When a player completes a task they will gain a feeling of accomplishment. This, in turn, will release endorphins to make them feel even better. 

Charities can utilise this activity to help those with mental health problems. As mobile gaming technology advances in the future it can be used to spread awareness and messages about this social issue. For these reasons, mobile gaming can be used as a tool for good.