It is no doubt that humanity, animals, and plants cannot exist in isolation with the environment, and a clean one for that matter. It is therefore quite unfortunate that humans are at the forefront of destroying the environment by taking part in activities that lead to its degradation, such as deforestation. Since we understand the consequences of neglecting it, global warming being one of the results, we should take it upon ourselves to safeguard it by taking the initiative to ditch non-biodegradable products for reusable and degradable ones. Some products we should form a habit of using are:

Reusable water bottles 

In place of plastic bottles which often end up in landfills, we should use reusable water bottles which you can carry and refill when necessary. Plastic bottles are part of the waste that is found all over, including in oceans. Since they do not decompose, they end up choking plants and animals or even find their way into our foods. Reusable bottles can solve this problem. 

Reusable straws 

Straws, just like plastic bottles, do not decompose, and for this reason, they pose significant harm to the environment. Leading food chains, such as Starbucks, have joined the course to ban plastic straws. Replacing them with degradable ones will be a big move for humanity. 

Shopping bags 

Instead of using plastic bags, use cotton or reusable cloth bags. Store outlets should stop offering plastic bags to deter people from using them since they can have a significant influence if they took the initiative.

Rechargeable batteries 

Batteries contain metals, including lead, that are quite harmful to the environment. Replacing these type of batteries with rechargeable ones can go a long way in saving the environment. It is therefore advisable that people minimize the use of single-use batteries or do away with them altogether. 

House cleaners 

Industrial manufactured house cleaners which are bought in shops and supermarkets contain a lot of harmful chemicals, both to an individual and the environment. Rather than use them and expose yourself to long term health complications, you can replace them with vinegar and baking soda which are more or less effective. While saving your health, you will be doing a great service to the environment. 

Keeping the environment clean should be everyone’s priority. We should refrain from using non-biodegradable products and adopt eco-friendly ones since only then can we be sure of a safe tomorrow for our children.