Hello everyone,

Patrick from Virtue Gaming here. Hoping everyone is well and keeping safe.

Today’s blog is just to give you a little more insight into a cool feature we have in Eco-aire, that being the Eco-aire Classes. As you might guess, we love gaming, and I am a big fan of RPGs. This love helped me decide and develop the idea on implementing classes for players to choose from during their Eco Adventure.

Players will be able to create their own Eco-aire and after pick a class that best represents what they are most passionate to help. Each Class represents a different charitable area we are looking to fund and help overall. These areas for charity include helping Animals, cleaning the Ocean, Helping the fight against deforestation, and tackling child poverty and ensuring the safety of children in danger.

Players can choose between:

Animal Lover

You care for all furry (and non-furry) friends of the Earth. Those who are at home and those out in the wild. You find it most important to ensure the survival of those who are nearly extinct. It's time to save the animals right now!

 Eco-aire Animal Love

Ocean Protector

You know how important the ocean is, it is quite literally what gives us and the world life. You have always loved the ocean and want to do everything in your power to clean it up and protect it for now and for future generations.

Eco-aire Ocean Protector

Child of the Earth

You are with one with Mother Earth and care for all life and the planet we live on. The issues you find most important to tackle right now are Deforestation and Climate Change.

Eco-aire Child of the Earth



You are hard-core and fearless, but respectable and understanding. Yet nothing will stop you from helping others and getting your message across. You are extremely passionate about educating others about the vast number of global issues that threaten the world and how to resolve them

Eco-aire Eco Warrior


Why have we created the classes?

Classes are a fun way to show other players what causes your passionate about and where you like to help most. This does not mean you do not support other causes. Of course, we do. Everyone can back any great cause, but deep down there is something we all hold very dear to our hearts. Whether you keen on the welfare and protection of animals, ethical treatment, and wellbeing of children across the globe, the state of our great Oceans, or ensuring the survival of our greatest resources such as the Amazon Rainforest.

Picking a class means you to be part of a family that will specialise in raising funds for a selection of charities and great causes which relate to your chosen class. If you are an animal lover, the portion of any purchases made will go to charities and organisations that help specialise in the wellbeing and ethical treatment of animals such as the WWF.


Picking a class means you will get more of a certain resource in the game as a bonus. So, it is a win, win situation for everyone! Plus, we have designed some neat icons for each class such as the beautiful Green Turtle, a powerful symbol of togetherness for the Eco Warrior, a stunningly strong Flower for Childs of the Earth, and of course, a lovely Red Panda for all animal lovers!

Well, that is it from me today. I hope this information gives you a better idea of the Eco Class system and why it has been implemented. For both fun and practical reasons, to heighten the overall experience throughout Eco-aire.

Take care everyone and stay safe,