Eco-Aire update!

Hi Everyone!

Virtue Gaming hopes everyone is well and keeping safe. Wishing a Happy Easter to all and we bring great news about Eco-aire.

Over the last few weeks, Virtue Gaming and our developers have been hard at work implementing the last major mechanics and refining the overall game. What we have done recently includes:

  • Implement all Mini-Games into Eco-aire.
  • Create all locations and placed them in the game.
  • All Sound Effects and Songs have been worked into Eco-aire.
  • Eco-aire Class system

These are some of the biggest steps we have accomplished so far. But everyone at Virtue Gaming has also been working hard to test and balanced everything in the game so far, making sure players get the most enjoyable experience.

Right now, we are going through everything again and testing thoroughly the Office Management and World Health Meter to ensure it all feels right and is fun to play. We want to move away from grindy and unbalanced workings that some other mobile games have and only to give a great, informative, and fun-filled journey to becoming an Eco-aire.

Stay tuned for more updates very soon, where we might reveal some super awesome extra stuff we have added as well. Check out some of the new images below and we will keep you posted very soon.

Eco-aire new gameplay images

Many thanks,


Lead Designer at Virtue Gaming