Hello everyone, 
Patrick here from Virtue Gaming. Hoping everyone is well and keeping safe. 
While Covid has been a devastating event for everyone, it's been fascinating what has happened over the last year. While the world paused, we managed to see some healing occur. The world is magnificent and has shown us over the last few months that it can be healed, providing we show it respect and care. The pollution caused by massive factories and busy cities can be reduced and even in some instances be gone for good.
Take Venice for example, the rivers were polluted but as the city shut down, those rivers became clear once again and sealife swam through them without interference or threat. It's amazing that nature can heal so quickly and be brought back to normality. We understand that as a society, we need to work, play, and live our lives. But we can also respect nature and give it breathing space to thrive and benefit us as human beings. 
All of this inspired us to bring in a new feature for Eco-aire, the World Health Meter.

Eco-aire World Health Meter
This is a new, dynamic element to the game which gives the World a health bar and an indication of how well the player is helping it to thrive. Players will need to manage and ensure the World's health does not decrease too much, otherwise, it will bring a halt to everyday life. It's up to you as the Eco-aire to improve the air quality and decrease the pollution levels of the world, to ensure it keeps turning. With your empire, you will gather resources and influence and be allowed to use these to improve the quality of life in the world, helping ensure the well being of billions but also the World itself. 
We're extremely excited to bring you this new and innovative feature, which will help engage players and see what their hard work will go towards. Build an Eco Empire, help improve the quality of life for billions and save the world! 
Thanks again for all the support and stay tuned for more updates.