Hello everyone,

Patrick here from Virtue Gaming. Hoping everyone is well and keeping safe during these tough times.

Virtue Gaming has been working hard during the lockdowns in the UK, pushing creativity and keeping the innovation going behind Eco-aire. While lockdown has affected the team, it hasn't stopped us from doing what we love, creating a video game that will inspire a new generation of eco thinking. Everything is still running smoothly and it won't be long now until we make it to the finish line. We're reaching nearer to the end stages of production and soon we will be handling marketing and spreading awareness of Eco-aire.

So, what has happened over the last couple of months? Well, let's give you a quick recap. More detailed blog posts will follow.

First of all, all the environments for Eco-aire have been designed and implemented in the most recent build. This means we now have every location where the Eco-aire offices can be built. We have over 20 locations including Europe, Africa, Asia, the US, UK, and Australia for Eco-aires to travel to. Plus, there will be a very special and awesome location for players who reach the max level in the game!

We have developed all the mini-games for Eco-aire and are currently playtesting and refining them at this moment. We want to make sure that the collection of mini-games, or Mini Eco-Adventures, are perfect for all players. These games will range in scale and skill requirements, offering exciting and varied challenges for all types of players. All of these smaller Eco adventures will revolve around certain eco concerns that must be resolved to help the world heal. These include cleaning plastic pollution from the ocean, saving endangered species, and helping build infostructures such as water mains, to help those in need.

Eco-aire is really taking shape and everything for the art has been implemented. We are currently working on the sound design and music for the game. Making sure to include high quality and energetic songs that will help motivate you while saving the world! More on that later on.

For now, we wanted to let you know that Eco-aire is coming along beautifully and it won't be long now until we can start saving the world through gaming!

Many thanks from myself and Virtue Gaming.