Hello everyone! Patrick here from Virtue Gaming letting you some updates in regard to Eco-aire.

First off, we’re hoping everyone is keeping well and staying safe. Remember to wash your hands, stay home as much as possible and protect yourself with gloves and a face mask where possible.

Okay so, I know things have been quiet from our end for the last few weeks (certain situations in the world have changed the work patterns a little) but I wanted to let you all know that Virtue Gaming and it’s development team are all safe and sound. Eco-aire’s development is underway and things are looking very good. Our developers are hard at work in creating the framework for Eco-aire and implementing the basic mechanics for gameplay.

Best of all, our lead artist has managed to produce some terrific artwork and assets for the visual side of Eco-aire’s development. We’re undergoing some small tweaks and refinements to the visual style and a few assets in order to produce the best looking results as possible.

Below are a few screens shots to show you Eco-aire’s art style and what some of the offices will look like. We’re so proud of our artist who has worked extremely hard to produced such beautiful work. We’re taking extra precautions during these difficult times but also keeping on track with development.

More news coming up very soon!

*Please keep in mind, while the art style you see here is a representation of the final product, certain aspects are subject to change*

Eco-aire Room Collage Image 1 - Virtue Gaming