Hello everyone,

Patrick here from Virtue Gaming. Firstly, I wanted to say that myself and Phillip wish everyone a happy new year and hope that all your endeavors are successful in 2020.

Great news to share and this has been a long time coming! Our upcoming game Eco-aire is now in production! It’s felt like an eternity since pre-production began and even longer since me and Phillip began this venture.

The reason it’s taken so long to begin production on Eco-aire is simply that we want to bring you a refreshing, wholesome and dynamic mobile gaming experience and this takes time to get it.

We’ve got a mission statement that basically says we’re aiming to change the world for the better with gaming.

So, no pressure at all!

Every day for the last six months has been filled with discussions, design changes and plenty of coffee. But we’re happy with what we have created in the Game Design Document and feel this long process will be worth it.

Everything has been set in motion and the developers/artists are hard at work making the foundation of Eco-aire.

We’re still tweaking and discussing the small things in the game even at this stage, but this is to ensure that Eco-aire is a highly refined and engaging experience.

We’ll keep you posted through the development and thank you for checking out Eco-aire!