Creating a garden that looks beautiful is a common want, but creating one that attracts wildlife is something your garden needs. Here are some easy ways you can attract wonderful wildlife to your garden, whilst keeping it at an affordable cost and easy to maintain:

Stocking it with food

Bird feeders are an incredibly easy way to attract wildlife, coming in a variety of types and sizes so that you can find the perfect one. You can also provide food for animals such as squirrels, foxes and hedgehogs with things you can find in your own kitchen – often leftovers! Gardens will become flooded with animals as soon as bread, seeds or nuts are laid out onto the grass or patio.


Another way to ensure that your garden is full of wildlife is by providing animals with water too, especially in the hotter months. Birdbaths are widely available online and at garden centres and are easy to place in almost any garden as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes - the only thing you need to do is ensure it is kept topped up!

Bug hotels

Sheltering anything small and crawly, bug 'hotels' consist of wooden tubes and natural wooden assortments. They can even be made from recycled materials if you want your garden to be more eco-friendly. Bees are an integral aspect of your garden’s sustainability, and while many people try to detract the buzzing creatures, they actually help your garden to survive.

The colour purple

Bees and insects love the colour purple! If purple is your colour, expect bees to flock to your garden as it is the colour their eyes can see the most. Lavender, catmint and alliums are excellent plants to attract them as they are a bright, vivid purple.

Ponder getting a pond!

With ponds, not only can you learn how to introduce and look after aquatic animals and amphibians, but you can add an eccentric and eye-catching feature to your garden. Installing fountains and water features oxygenate the water, providing a more sustainable environment for aquatic animals and organisms.

Image by castleguard via Pixabay