Confucius was a Chinese philosopher and politician who is still increasingly relevant in today’s society despite his death in 479 BC. His legacy lives on through theories such as the Confucius Work Ethic, which is increasingly popular in his native China. Our experts at Virtue Gaming have recognised the benefits that adapting his teachings can have on both our everyday life and the environment. This is why we have created this blog that defines Confucius’ theory and underlined how it can be adapted.

What is the Confucius work ethic?

Confucius’ work ethic bases its principles on the benefits of hard work within society. He set out that an individual should pay back their communities with contributions in professions such as a scholar or a farmer, as to him these were the two most important occupations. As soon as you could, you were to pay back the society that raised you with the ingredients necessary to keep it going such as knowledge and sustenance.

The Confucius work ethic works much in the same way as Western Protestantism. However, in the East, there was an added emphasis on social harmony, whereas in the West this emphasis was placed more so on the individual. This type of thinking has had a positive effect on the economic development inside Asian countries such as China. It promotes self-fulfillment based on what one achieved in this life, advancing countries further, rather than focusing on salvation and the next life.

How can we adopt the Confucius work ethic?

In 2021, we can still see value in the Confucius work ethic. Its tunnel vision on societal harmony can be extended to the environment, reaping positive benefits concerning the dangers of pollution and global warming, etc. With a fixation on knowledge and gaining what we can from the environment, awareness can be developed about the eco issues currently affecting the countryside. It’s a philosophy that can also have some benefits inside the social sphere as it too dictates a stronger bond between families and employers with their employees.

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Image by ErikaWittlieb via Pixabay