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About Virtue Gaming

Who is Virtue Gaming?

We are Virtue Gaming, a new independent game studio that hopes to change the world. We're a team of passionate gamers and designers who plan on saving the world through video games. We're behind an upcoming mobile game that centres on resolving ethical and eco concerns across the globe.

Our goal at Virtue Gaming is to create fun and engaging games that help deal with current issues our world faces today. From cleaning the ocean, saving endangered species and fighting deforestation, we want to make a difference. Gaming can be a powerful tool for helping resolve many of these issues, and gamers can be the driving force behind this change.

We're aiming to Save the World, One Level at a time! Join us for the Eco Revolution, plays games, have fun and make a difference.

Virtue Gaming was founded by Phillip Boyd and Patrick Kennedy, friends who united and developed the concept of helping those in need through gaming. The driving force behind Virtue Gaming was their passion for helping others and the advancements of interactive media. 

Phillip Boyd has had a prosperous career within the technical field across a diverse range of sectors spanning nearly two decades. He has worked in many different fields, including veterinary technology, with the goal to improve animal welfare. Phillip decided to go forth and do what he could to help resolve many of the global issues we face today. Phillip met Patrick in 2018, and both united for their love of gaming and helping others.

Phillip came up with the concept of Eco-aire as a means of entertaining players across the globe while allowing charitable giving to be made as easy as possible. The idea was inspired by the wealth gaming makes today but using that wealth to help others truly. Phillip trusted Patrick to develop the concept and became a senior producer on the project, guiding the process with his years of immense experience.

Phillip is keen on helping those in need and fighting deforestation. He's a retro gamer at heart who enjoys Street Fighter, Gauntlet and enjoys the odd bit of virtue sport and VR experiences.

Patrick Kennedy has been a passionate games designer since childhood. Inspired by some of his favourite games as a child including Zelda: A Link to the Past, Castlevania and Donkey Kong Country, he's always been fascinated by the complexity and engineering behind many great games. Having worked in retail for over a decade, Patrick decided to follow his dream and become a Game Designer. Teaming up with his friend Phillip, a determined producer who shared many of the values Patrick had. The pair decided to make a difference and introduced the concept that gaming can change the world for the better.

Patrick studied at the University of East London and graduated with a 2:1 in Games Development and Creative Writing. He's a huge supporter of the single-player experience, engaging storytelling and dynamic elements that affect gameplay, whether it's in the game or outside of the conventual parameters.

Patrick is passionate about helping endangered species and cleaning the ocean while some of his favourite games include Resident Evil 2, Half Life 2, Shadow Complex, Yoku's Island Express and Braid.